A Creative life

This site commemorates the creative life and works of Margaret Ruth Evans.

The exhibition, planned for August 6th and 7th 2021, celebrates not only her talent, but also the 50th wedding anniversary to her loving husband, Peter. 

Exhibition times

Friday 6th August 2021:

6pm - 8pm

Saturday 7th August 2021:

1pm - 3pm


Govilon community hall (Salisbury Hall). 

Postcode NP7 9PT 

Just a few metres from the Govilon village stores.

Salisbury Hall website
Getting there

Parking is limited on the road.

More parking available at the recreation ground. 

300m northwest of Salisbury hall on the B4246.

Parking map
Entry is free
The exhibition is a celebration, not a sale. Please come and join us with no charge for entry.
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about ruth

Known all her life as Ruth, Margaret Ruth Evans was born in Blackheath in the Midlands in 1949. In her early twenties she moved with her husband, Peter, to North Wales where Tom and Sally were born.

In 2017, Peter and Ruth moved to Govilon, a village they both came to love for its natural beauty and strong sense of community.

Sadly, Ruth was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after moving to Govilon, but despite the diagnosis did not let it define her and lived to her motto "While I can, I will".

You can see a more thorough biography here.

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The Exhibition

Ruth was inherently modest, and although some of her art has been on display (and sold) during her life, this exhibition is designed to allow friends, family, and anyone else interested to celebrate her talent. 

Visiting the exhibition, you can expect to see a variety of her creative works, from paintings to pottery, from birthday gifts she made over the years to work that she did for pure enjoyment.

Nothing is for sale at the exhibition we're sorry to say. The works are far too precious to us and our memory of Ruth.  She continued to paint right up until she passed, the picture on this site taken a few days before she left us.

We are inviting donations to be made in Ruth's name to St Davids Hospice, or MacMillan. Both organisations provided valued support to Ruth, and Peter. If preferred, any cancer charity of your choosing will no doubt be grateful for a contribution.

We have posted a short FAQ here.

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Ruth Evans


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our gratitude to....

Our unreserved thanks to the following organisations and people. This is not exhaustive, there are too many to list.


Thanking Llanfoist Fawr community council for their support for this exhibition.

Tafarn y bont & village store

To Jerry and Anil in particular for their help in promotion of the event.

Family and friends

For the loving support during Ruth's illness and continued friendship, conversations, visits and help to Peter, Tom and Sally.

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St Davids hospice

For the amazing work they do.


For their care through Ruth's illness and their ongoing work with other families affected by cancer.

your donations

There is no fee for entry, no items are for sale. We shall not ask for your money in any way, but, if you should choose, we thank those that donate to St Davids Hospice Care, MacMillan, or any cancer charity.